Podcast: More cybersecurity due to the NIS-2 directive?

Regular cyber attacks on IT infrastructures have become part of everyday life in a digitized world. This also increases the need for a legal framework that obliges cybersecurity. In this episode, research assistants Nicolas John and Johannes Müller provide information on EU legislation aimed at establishing a uniform level of IT security. In particular, the content of the still young NIS 2 Directive is discussed.

An article on the subject can be found in the issue of DFN-Infobrief Recht 04/2023 linked here.



Internal PhD seminar

On 28 June 2023, the internal doctoral students of the ITM again had the opportunity to discuss the interim status of their dissertations in front of the assembled team under the supervision of Institute Director Professor Thomas Hoeren. After the respective topic, the results already found and the focal points still to be worked out were presented, beneficial suggestions could be gained through numerous questions and hints by Professor Hoeren and the other colleagues. In particular, the exchange on the research questions, which also affected numerous other works as an interface, proved to be extremely helpful. After the diverse lectures and discussions, the participants went to Burgsteinfurt for a cosy barbecue in the evening.

(Deutsch) Rechtsfragen algorithmischer Preisdiskriminierung

On Wednesday, 21 June 2023, Dr Felix Rützel gave a lecture on “Legal Issues of Algorithmic Price Discrimination” at the ITM (Münster).

Felix Rützel studied law at the University of Passau with a focus on information and communication law. Following his studies, he worked as a research assistant at the Chair of Public Law, European Law and Information Technology Law under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Meinhard Schröder. He was awarded his doctorate in 2022.

In his thesis, Felix Rützel examined the highly topical issue of algorithmic price discrimination from a legal perspective. In doing so, he pursues a cross-jurisdictional approach and, in addition to discrimination law, data protection law and antitrust law, also takes a look at fairness law, price indication law and civil law. Mr. Rützel’s work was awarded the promotional prize of the Münchner Fachanwaltstag IT-Recht e.V. 2022 and was published by Mohr Siebeck in Tübingen.

A recording of the very interesting lecture and the subsequent Q&A session is now available on YouTube.

The ITM would like to thank very much for that wonderful presentation.

Podcast: Zurück zur Stechuhr?

After the decision of the Federal Labour Court in September 2022, the topic of recording working hours is going viral again. Are employers now obliged to record the working hours of their employees and, if so, how is this to be implemented in concrete terms? What will happen to trust-based working time models in the future? Are measures by the legislator finally on the horizon to standardise the obligation to record working time? These and other exciting legal questions will be answered by research assistants Johanna Voget and Ole-Christian Tech.

The article in the DFN-Infobrief Recht mentioned in the following can be found here.


Successful participation of the “ITM Runners” in the Leonardo Campus Run 2023


The tradition continues: The scientific staff and student assistants of the ITM have once again successfully participated in the annual Leonardo Campus Run. On 14.06.2023, a total of 23 “ITM runners” took to the starting line and ran their laps at the 21st Leonardo Campus Run in beautiful weather, cheered on by the rest of their colleagues. When choosing the course, the participants split between the 5 km “After Work Run II” and the 10 km “ZfS-Münster-Run”. Afterwards, there was a joint drink to celebrate the successful achievements.

We are already looking forward to next year!




Legal-Tech Seminar im Wintersemester 2023/24

Prof. Dr. Thomas Hoeren wird im kommenden Wintersemester ein Seminar zum Thema „Legal-Tech“ veranstalten. Das Seminar soll im Frühjahr 2024 als ein- oder zweitägige Blockveranstaltung stattfinden. Interessenten sollten über IT-Grundkenntnisse verfügen. Die Vorbesprechung mit Themenvergabe findet virtuell über Zoom am Dienstag, den 20. Juni 2023, um 17:00 Uhr statt. Die Teilnahme an der Vorbesprechung ist für die Teilnahme am Seminar zwingend notwendig. Die Themenliste finden Sie hier.

Einwahldaten für das Zoom-Meeting: 

Meeting-ID: 678 6089 0442

Kenncode: 747993 


Für Fragen und Anmeldungen zur Vorbesprechung wenden Sie sich bitte per E-Mail an Merlin Rombach (m_romb02@uni-muenster.de) und Philip Mayer (philip.mayer@uni-muenster.de).

Podcast: How fast do my employees work?

Employee data protection is a constant issue in the day-to-day operations of many companies. In its decision (Case No. 10 A 6199/20), the Administrative Court (VG) of Hanover dealt with the use of technologies by Amazon which allow the company to monitor the working speed of employees in its logistics centre. In doing so, the court had to weigh the personal rights of the employees against the business interests of Amazon. The aspects that the court had to take into account, the role played by the supervisory authority and the works council, and other exciting legal questions are answered by research assistants Johannes Müller and Ole-Christian Tech in this anniversary episode of our podcast.