New edition of the ITM examination interview

After the written exams, every exam graduate has to take the oral exam, which consists of a presentation in a specific area of law and an interview. For many students, the examination interview in particular is a challenge, because the ability to present the acquired knowledge in a convincing manner is the most important factor here. In order to prepare the students for the real thing, the ITM academic staff and student assistants once again simulated an examination interview in which the four candidates were able to demonstrate their legal skills in the 40-minute interviews in criminal law, civil law and public law. In addition to “exam classics” such as the bona fide acquisition of an expectancy right or (un)genuine performance fraud, the handling of unknown standards from the Name Change Act was also examined. Once again, the candidates all did well and were rewarded with high scores.

The ITM would like to thank all student assistants for their lively interest and wishes them every success in the oral examination!