In recent years, the rapid development of information and communication technologies has accelerated the transition to a global information and knowledge society. Technological progress is increasingly making it possible to store, process and further process information regardless of location, time and quantity. The result is a convergence of previously separate economic sectors such as computer technology, telecommunications and audiovisual media. The buzzword “information highway” characterizes this new stage in the process of industrial revolution. Reflection on a legal framework for the information society is in full swing in Europe.

The ITM has set itself the goal of researching the legal framework conditions of the information society. In order to learn from the experiences of other countries, comparative law should be given a special status. The ITM is also responsible for representing information, telecommunications and media law in teaching and further education.

The law of information, telecommunications and the media is a cross-sectional subject that today cannot even be remotely covered by any of the three traditional legal disciplines – civil law, criminal law and public law. The ITM therefore aims to facilitate and promote interdisciplinary research and teaching activities.