German FRAND practice – a webinar with RA Prof. Dr. Peter Chrocziel

On 24 November 2020, a one-hour LIDC webinar with our guest Prof. Dr. Chrocziel was held under the title “German FRAND practice – in line with EU law? After a welcoming address by Prof. Dr. Hoeren, our guest spoke about the current case law on FRAND licensing of standard essential patents in front of more than 100 guests.

Prof. Dr. Chrocziel has decades of experience in IP and IT law from advising large international companies. In the course of his work, he has specialised in questions concerning the licensing and judicial enforcement of industrial property rights within the scope of his antitrust advice.

In his lecture, Prof. Dr. Chrocziel first explained the ECJ’s “Huawei v. ZTE” decision from 2015, which is considered a signpost in FRAND licensing. Subsequently, the speaker explained the further development of the FRAND criteria by the jurisdiction of the courts of first instance in Germany. In particular, he addressed questions regarding the license seeker’s willingness to license and problems arising from licensing within value chains. The lecture was followed by a lively discussion with many interesting questions about FRAND licensing.

LIDC/ITM webinar on Frand

On 24.11.2020 at 12 noon, another “Lunch Talk” will be organised as a webinar about Zoom by the Institute for Information, Telecommunication and Media Law (ITM) – civil law department, Prof. Dr. Thomas Hoeren – together with LIDC and the German Association for Competition Law. All interested parties can take part in the webinar, which lasts approximately one hour, free of charge.

The guest will be Prof. Dr. Peter Chrocziel, who advises large international companies with decades of experience in IP and IT law. In the course of his work, he has specialised in questions of licensing and judicial enforcement of industrial property rights within the scope of antitrust law advice. In this context, Mr. Chrocziel will mainly lecture on the current case law of national and international courts on the licensing of standard essential patents on FRAND terms. We are looking forward to gaining insights into the licensing practice and to discussing current developments with Mr. Chrocziel.

For participation please send an e-mail to Aurelia Merbecks ( until 18.11.2020. You will receive the dial-in details for the webinar after the registration deadline. You are welcome to ask questions in advance in this way, which – as far as possible – will be discussed by Prof. Dr. Chrocziel.

(Deutsch) Vortrag der RiDHnrw: Datenschutzrechtliche Zulässigkeit von Online-Klausuren

The Association for the Promotion of German and International Science Law has invited the Rechtsinformationsstelle Digitale Hochschule NRW (RiDHnrw) to give a substantive impetus to its general meeting with a presentation at their annual meeting. Julian Albrecht, research associate at RiDHnrw, spoke for half an hour on Friday, October 23, 2020, on the question of whether it is possible to conduct supervised online exams in accordance with data protection laws. This was followed by a constructive question and discussion session.

More information about the association can be found at A report on the data protection law admissibility of online exams of the RiDHnrw from June 2020 can be found here.

Expert Talk of the GOAL project with Prof. Sandra Wachter

On 19.10.2020 the first project-internal Expert Talk with Prof. Sandra Wachter took place. Prof. Wachter is Associate Professor at the renowned Oxford Internet Institute, which has gained a remarkable interdisciplinary reputation in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning and is outstanding in the information technology field. Prof. Wachter’s current research interests include the governance of algorithms and the development of standards for transparency, explainability and fairness of algorithmic decisions.

The Expert Talk started with a lecture by Prof. Wachter, in which she dealt especially with questions of fairness of algorithmic decisions. It was followed by a lively discussion with the project partners. However, it was not possible to discuss all interesting aspects in detail within the estimated time, so it was agreed to stay in continuous exchange.

The result was a successful start to the expert talks, which offer a good opportunity for networking and exchange. Further talks are therefore already planned for the future in order to further promote research in the project.


Courses per Zoom

The courses (information law; property law; industrial property rights; advertising, new media and law) at the ITM will all be held online via zoom in the coming winter semester. Therefore, please register for the respective e-mail distribution list to receive the dial-in data. Further information can be found on this homepage or via the respective e-mail distribution list.

We wish you all a good start into the new semester!