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Expert Talk of the GOAL Project with Nadezhda Purtova

On 18.02.2021, the third internal expert talk took place with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nadezda Purtova. Ms. Purtova is an Associate Professor at the Department of Law, Technology, Markets and Society at Tilburg University. Her research focuses on the economic analysis of data protection law and she has conducted several policy studies on data protection that […]

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Expert Talk of the GOAL project with Prof. Karen Yeung

      In December the second project-internal GOAL Expert Talk took place with Prof. Karen Yeung. Prof. Yeung has been an Interdisciplinary Professorial Fellow at Birmingham Law School and Birmingham School of Computer Science since 2018. Previously, she was a professor at King’s College London from 2006 – 2017. Currently, Prof. Yeung is conducting […]

Presentation on AI and law at the Think Tank Digitales Münsterland

      On September 23rd Yannik Borutta, Matthias Haag and Johannes Kevekordes from the research project GOAL (Governance of and through Algorithms) gave a lecture at the think tank “the Enabling Networks Digitales Münsterland” on practice-oriented legal questions related to the topic of artificial intelligence. They offered an overview of liability, data protection and […]

Five-year participation in the Network of Centers

Today the ITM celebrated its five-year membership in the NoC (Network of Centers) with a small group in Münster. On behalf of the ITM we would like to thank all participants for their video presentations. We hope that in the future an exchange with the NoC members in person can take place again. The NoC […]

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Konsultation der Goal-Gruppe um KI-Forscher Prof. Dr. Hoeren durch TILT/Niederlande

Die Goal-Gruppe rund um Prof. Dr. Thomas Hoeren (zu GOAL) hat an einer Expertenkonsultation eines niederländischen Forschungsprojektes teilgenommen. Die Konsultation erfolgte durch das Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Society (TILT), welches in einem Verbundprojekt von mehreren Universitäten im Auftrag der niederländischen Regierung zur Regulierung von KI forscht. Prof. Dr. Hoeren und die Goal-Forschergruppe am […]

J!Cast: Diskriminierung durch Algorithmen oder algorithmische Fairness

In diesem neuen Podcast der ITM-Reihe J!Cast geht es um die Diskriminierung durch algorithmische Systeme. Johannes Kevekordes (wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter) des vom BMBF geförderten Drittmittelprojekt GOAL (Governance of/ by Algorithms) wird von Matthias Haag interviewt. Im Podcast wird ein Überlick über die Problemstellungen im Rahmen der Diskriminierung durch Algorithmen gegeben. Weitere Informationen zu GOAL finden sich […]

Report from the GOAL-Summer School, 23-24 June 2020

      On 23 and 24 June the Summer School organised by the GOAL project took place. Due to the special circumstances caused by the Corona crisis, it was held digitally. Both project-internal and external speakers discussed interesting issues related to the governance of algorithms. There were lectures and workshops from the fields of […]


    Prof. Dr. Thomas Hoeren und Prof. Dr. Bernd Holznagel werden im Sommersemester 2020 ein Seminar in Bochum veranstalten zu dem Thema: „Assessing Big Data – Ein Blick in die Zukunft rund um Rechtsfragen zu Big Data und KI“ GOAL Summer School Die Vorbesprechung und Themenvergabe für das Seminar findet am Dienstag, den 7. […]