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Digital sovereignty

Open source software is increasingly cited as the saviour for the sluggish digitalization of German administration. But what exactly does the term open source mean, how is it used and what legal framework conditions need to be observed? In this episode, research assistants Ole-Christian Tech and Anna Maria Yang-Jacobi look at the legal issues surrounding […]

New episode of the podcast “Juristinnen erzählen” with Katharina Mirbt (DPMA)

After a short break, the interview podcast of the Research Center for Intellectual Property finally continues. In the sixth episode of Women lawyers tell Katharina Mirbt from the German Patent and Trade Mark Office will be our guest. Ms. Mirbt is Head of the Department for Trade Marks and Design and can look back on […]

The AI Act – What was passed?

Much has been reported about the legislative process of the AI Act. What the content of the AI Act will actually be was unfortunately lost in the reports on the disputes between the EU Council and the EU Parliament. In this episode, research associates Johannes Müller and Marc-Philipp Geiselmann discuss whether large-language models such as […]

Data access rights through the Data Act

The Data Act came into force on January 11, 2024. With the regulation of data from Internet of Things devices, it concerns a part of the data economy that is largely free of exclusive rights. The factual control options are of greater importance. In this issue of Weggeforscht, research associates Johannes Müller and Ole-Christian Tech […]

Liability for fines in data protection law

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) issued a long-awaited ruling on December 5, 2023, Case No. C-807/21 “Deutsche Wohnen” answered urgent questions on liability for fines under Art. 83 GDPR. But does this really provide legal certainty? Both parties – Deutsche Wohnen SE and the Berlin public prosecutor’s office – see themselves as the winners […]

The transparency database of the DSA

Social networks have become indispensable. For sharing vacation memories with family and friends, promoting products, publicly participating in political discussions or obtaining information from all over the world – various platforms satisfy the different needs of their users. It is undeniable that social networks have many positive facets. But where there is light, there is […]

Weggeforscht: More data protection through Google Topics?

Google has been working on a successor to the discredited third-party cookies for some time now. The new technology is called Google Topics. It is intended both to offer more data protection and to become the new standard for personalized advertising. Google Topics is already included in Google’s Chrome browser and has been tested since […]

Researched: Chat control

The European (EU) Commission’s proposal for a regulation “laying down rules to prevent and combat child sexual abuse” triggered a tidal wave of debate. The dispute has been dragging on for 18 months now, with no agreement in sight. The EU Committee on Internal Affairs last voted against the draft in its original form in […]

Female lawyers talk: new episode with Dr. Anne-Kristin Fricke from Munich Regional Court I

Dr. Anne-Kristin Fricke is our guest in the fifth episode of the interview podcast Juristinnen erzählen. Anne Fricke is presiding judge at the Regional Court of Munich I. In addition to her work as a judge, she also works as a press officer and arbitrator at the Regional Court. In this interview, Anne-Kristin Fricke talks […]