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Female lawyers talk: new episode with Dr. Anne-Kristin Fricke from Munich Regional Court I

Dr. Anne-Kristin Fricke is our guest in the fifth episode of the interview podcast Juristinnen erzählen. Anne Fricke is presiding judge at the Regional Court of Munich I. In addition to her work as a judge, she also works as a press officer and arbitrator at the Regional Court. In this interview, Anne-Kristin Fricke talks […]

Female lawyers tell their stories: new episode with Katja Dunkel from Dunkel Richter

Katja Dunkel is our guest in the fourth episode of Juristinnen erzählen. Together with Rebecca Richter, Katja founded the media law firm Dunkel Richter in Berlin in 2021, which focuses on women and queer people. She herself supports artists in all areas of media and copyright law and assists her clients in all matters relating […]

Women lawyers talk: new episode with Dr. Christiane Schmaltz from the BGH (First Civil Senate)

The third episode of the interview podcast “Juristinnen erzählen” is now online. Dr. Christiane Schmaltz is our guest in this episode. Ms. Schmaltz has been a judge at the Federal Court of Justice since 2018, where she is assigned to the I. Civil Senate primarily responsible for intellectual property law. In this interview, she talks […]

Female lawyers tell their stories: Interview with Prof. Dr. Sabine Boos from Heilbronn University now online

The second episode of the new interview podcast “Juristinnen erzählen” is now online and can be streamed on all common platforms. Prof. Dr. Sabine Boos is our guest in this episode. Sabine Boos is a professor of engineering law at Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences. In the interview, she talks about her day-to-day work at […]

Women lawyers tell their stories: the new interview podcast from the Research Center for Intellectual Property Law

The Research Center for Intellectual Property at the ITM has launched a new interview podcast. In order to get more young female lawyers interested in intellectual property law, we will be interviewing female IP lawyers about their careers in this podcast. Unfortunately, women working in this area of law are still underrepresented compared to their […]

Podcast: Mickey Mouse and copyright law

Copyright protection for the cartoon character “Mickey Mouse” expires in the USA at the end of 2023. For this reason, in this episode, research associates Klaus Palenberg and Nicolas John look at the copyright protection periods for German and international works. In addition to the principles of German copyright law, the various international treaties are […]

Podcast: The European Health Data Space (EHDS)

The EU’s data strategy creates a new area of law: data economy law. While data law has so far focused primarily on the protection of personal data and, more recently, the security of the data infrastructure, the new legal acts (Data Act, Data Governance Act and the sector-specific data rooms) are aimed primarily at the […]

Podcast: EU-US Data Privacy Framework

The EU Commission has issued an adequacy decision on the new data protection framework between the EU and the US. In this episode, research assistants Ole-Christian Tech and Klaus Palenberg look at the consequences of the decision and the content of the agreement with the US. In particular, the novelties compared to the previous agreements, […]