Female lawyers tell their stories: Interview with Prof. Dr. Sabine Boos from Heilbronn University now online

The second episode of the new interview podcast “Juristinnen erzählen” is now online and can be streamed on all common platforms. Prof. Dr. Sabine Boos is our guest in this episode. Sabine Boos is a professor of engineering law at Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences. In the interview, she talks about her day-to-day work at the university, her enthusiasm for teaching and science, but also about her time as a lawyer in an international law firm. The episode is particularly recommended for all those who would like to learn more about the career field of “professor at a university of applied sciences”.


“Juristinnen erzählen” is an interview podcast by the Research Center for Intellectual Property Law at ITM Münster and the Association for the Promotion of the Research Center for Intellectual Property Law(https://www.foerderverein-gewerblicher-rechtsschutz.de/).