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ITM’s partnership with Reykjavík revived

After two years of negotiations, the law faculties of Münster and Reykjavík have once again concluded a partnership agreement on student and lecturer exchanges. Since 2002, there has been a partnership via the ITM as part of the Erasmus project. Over the years, a good and very personal cooperation and a lively mutual exchange developed. […]

Certificate award ceremony and keynote speech by Prof. Dr. McGuire

On February 6, 2019, the certificates for successfully completing the additional training in information, telecommunications and media law and the additional training in intellectual property law were presented at a ceremony. On this occasion, we welcomed Prof. Dr. Mary-Rose McGuire from the University of Osnabrück. Prof. McGuire gave an exciting keynote speech on the highly […]

Mr. Toshihiro Wada talks about Japanese data protection law as part of the Christmas seminar project at TU Dortmund University

Mr. Toshihiro Wada, PhD student and research assistant at ITM, talks about Japanese data protection law as part of the Christmas seminar project at TU Dortmund University. In the seminar “Social Media and Law”, organized by Prof. Dr. Tobias Gostomzyk, an Advent calendar was “tinkered”. The aim is to revisit important publications on media and/or […]

Successful exchange: ITM meets the “Digital Restart” project launched by the NRW Ministry of Justice

On 19.01.2016, Dr. Andreas Christians, Ministerialdirigent and Head of the Public and Private Law Department (front, 5th from left) arrived at the ITM together with the other representatives of the NRW Ministry of Justice, RiOLG Dr. Götz (front, 4th from left), RiLG Liepin (front, 6th from left) and Ms. Schmitz (front, 3rd from right).

Minister of Justice finds “treasure trove of gold” at ITM

High-ranking visitor at the ITM: On August 31, NRW’s Minister of Justice Thomas Kutschaty was a guest at the ITM. The Minister accepted an invitation on the occasion of the recently launched ABIDA project to get an idea of the premises and the work of the institute as a national competence center during an “open […]

Introduction of the visiting professor Rando-Casermeiro

Currently he teaches various subjects both in the Bachelor of Laws (Criminal Law, -General and Special Section-, International Criminal Law, Criminal Law of Public Administration, Criminal Law Practice etc.) and the Degree in Criminology from the University of Seville (Prevention and Treatment of Crime, Institutions of Penal Control System and such). He is also Invited […]