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Seminar for Postgraduates

On 3 and 4 December 2021, the annual doctoral seminar took place at ITM. Under the direction of Professor Dr Thomas Hoeren, around 20 doctoral students and PhD candidates discussed selected research projects from the field of ITM, from industrial property rights and copyright law to advertising and data protection law as well as legal… Read more »

Kicker games at ITM

The annual ITM table football tournament took place under 2G+ conditions. Eight teams competed with very different goals. While some were striving for eternal glory, others used Pierre de Coubertin’s Olympic motto: “Taking part is more important than winning. Nevertheless, a winning team was certainly determined in the end. In a gripping final match, Nicolas… Read more »

Art law in China

Yesterday (20 November) in Beijing (China), Professor Dr. Thomas Hoeren gave a highly acclaimed short video lecture on the perspectives of Art law in university education. The event was attended by 142 professors, students and government representatives from all over China. The conference was chaired by Professor Dr. Zhou Lin (Beijing), who has been a… Read more »

Alumni meeting 2021

On the invitation of the Association for the Promotion of the Civil Law Department of the Institute for Information, Telecommunications and Media Law, an alumni meeting took place on 06.11.2021 on the premises of the Institute. At the beginning of the meeting, Institute Director Prof. Dr. Thomas Hoeren gave an overview of the current developments… Read more »

Professor Dr. Thomas Hoeren in Brazil: Protection of Trade Secrets in Europe

At the invitation of Professor Dr. Marcos Wachowicz (Professor at the University of Paraná in Brazil), Professor Dr. Thomas Hoeren gave a lecture on the European protection of trade secrets at the 15th CODAIP conference. He showed the different attempts to understand know-how protection as an intellectual property right. In a second presentation, Professor Dr…. Read more »

New homepage of the association ip research

The ITM is proud to announce that the association supporting our IP Research Centre has a new homepage. The members of the support association are pleased that the topics of the association can now be presented on a modern, clear and appealing homepage. The advantages of the new homepage are the possibility to refer to… Read more »