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Art law clinic in South Africa

The Art Law Clinic in Münster enjoys great popularity, and not only in Münster. Nationwide, requests for an extended cooperation between law students and art students are coming in. Now the concept of the Münster Art Law Clinic has also been successfully established in South Africa. Professor Dr. Thomas Hoeren has agreed with his colleague… Read more »

J!Cast: The new Swiss DPA and the GDPR: Differences and similarities

” width=”220″ height=”55″ />  In this episode of the J!Cast, the Swiss guest researcher Simon Henseler (University of Zurich) and the research assistant Nicolas John (ITM Münster) talk about the upcoming new data protection law in Switzerland and examine the differences and similarities of the law with the European GDPR. Simon Henseler also explains the… Read more »

New Publication on Fairness-Measures

        The GOAL-Project researchers Johannes Kevekordes, Marc P. Hauer and Maryam Amir Haeri have published a paper on the legal assessment of possible fairness measures. With the increasing use of AI in algorithmic decision making (e.g. based on neural networks), the question arises how bias can be excluded or mitigated. There are… Read more »

Nicolas Guggenberger on New trends in US Copyright law

Professor Dr Guggenberger is an external lecturer at ITM and gave a 90-minute webinar on “Current developments in US copyright law” as part of Professor Dr Hoeren’s lecture on copyright law on 12 July 2021. Professor Dr Guggenberger was a Junior Professor at ITM from 2016-2019, completed his LL.M. at Stanford, is the Executive Director… Read more »

Lars Rieck new member of the Scientific Board of the ITM

The ITM is pleased to announce that Lars Rieck, an advocate from Hamburg, has been elected as a new member of the ITM’s scientific advisory board. Mr Rieck has been a lawyer in Hamburg since 2004; he is both a specialist lawyer for industrial property rights and a specialist lawyer for copyright. He is active… Read more »

(Deutsch) J!Cast: Netzsperren und die Clearingstelle Urheberrecht im Internet

In this podcast, Owen Mc Grath and Nico Gielen talk about the Clearing House for Copyright on the Internet (CUII), which has been providing an out-of-court procedure for the establishment of network blocks for a few months now. You can find a detailed article on the CUII in the July issue of DFN-Infobrief Recht.