Vorstellung des Gastprofessors Rando-Casermeiro

Currently he teaches various subjects both in the Bachelor of Laws (Criminal Law, -General and Special Section-, International Criminal Law, Criminal Law of Public Administration, Criminal Law Practice etc.) and the Degree in Criminology from the University of Seville (Prevention and Treatment of Crime, Institutions of Penal Control System and such). He is also Invited Professor to the Master in Criminal Law and Criminal Policy offered by the University of Malaga, member of the working group about “Criminal Law Policy-Making” of the European Society of Criminology, and member of the Research Group in Criminal Law at the University of Malaga.

Since 2011, his research has been focusing on criminal law policy of intellectual property, which is reflected in some of his recent publications, such as „Offences against intellectual property” or „End-user piracy as a crime,“ as well as in presentations in national and international forums about topics such as the criminalization of p2p, the role of lobbies in criminal law-making about intellectual property and global criminal law-making regarding intellectual property via Free Trade Agreements.

While in the ITM – August to October 2014 , Prof. Rando is developing his research in three different fields of study:

-Global aspects of criminal policy of intellectual property and its impact on Spanish and German internal systems.

-Empirical verification of economic damage from piracy as a premise of criminal intervention on intellectual property matters.

-Analysis of Spanish-German comparative criminal and civil law especially devoted to the conducts of linking to copyright protected contents and using p2p networks to access to copyright protected works.