Uzbekistan the second

At ITM, the second stage of the Uzbekistan Experiment took place on Monday 23 January. Prof. Said Gulyamov and Dr.Mokhinur Bakhramova gave a lecture on cyber security and e-government in Uzbekistan to 100 students in the lecture on information law, via Zoom and YouTube. The audience listened attentively to the insights into the current legal situation in information law in Uzbekistan, moderated by the South African visiting scholar Gretchen Jansen. A lively dialogue ensued between German, South African and Uzbek experts, which directly fed into the students’ preparation at the end of the lecture on information law. They now have until 6 February to work out the advantages and disadvantages of the EU efforts for a European data strategy. The results will then be followed up in concentrated form in Tashkent in the summer.