Training regulations

Additional training in information, telecommunications and media law – training regulations
Purpose of the training
The Institute for Information, Telecommunications and Media Law offers an additional two-semester course in information, telecommunications and media law.
Participants in this course are preferably students who are enrolled in the law program at the University of Münster, as well as students who are studying law as a minor subject in another degree program. Students from other disciplines can also take part in the course, although basic legal knowledge is recommended.
The course is designed to give students the opportunity to qualify in the field of new media law. In addition to basic knowledge of the civil, criminal and public law aspects of this problem area, students should be able to acquire specialized knowledge on selected topics (such as press law, broadcasting law or telecommunications law).
Course of study
The additional training lasts two semesters. The respective examinations can be taken in different semesters.
The additional training is divided into two sections. The first section, which regularly takes place in the winter semester, consists of two lectures. The second section, in the summer semester, consists of participation in a special seminar.
The lectures focus on basic civil law and public law issues of information, telecommunications and media law. The lectures end with a final exam, which takes place in the last week of lectures if possible.
In the special seminars, students will deepen the basic knowledge they have acquired in the lectures. The seminars therefore deal with individual problem complexes that are to be scientifically analyzed by the students. For this purpose, each student has to give a scientific presentation and prepare a corresponding written seminar paper.
The seminars are coordinated by the heads of additional training.
Only seminars that are offered as part of the additional training are recognized. Upon written application by the student, other seminars may also be recognized, provided they have been offered at the Faculty of Law of the University of Münster, deal with issues of information, telecommunications and media law and the student’s performance is considered to be particularly outstanding. The decision on the recognition of such seminar achievements is made by the head of additional training at the beginning of the respective summer semester.
Students who have passed the final examinations of the two basic lectures will be given priority for admission to the academic seminars offered as part of the additional training. If there are still seminar topics available, those students who have passed one of the two final exams will be given priority.
Prerequisite for obtaining the certificate
The following requirements must be met to obtain the certificate:
Successful participation in the final exams for the lectures in information, telecommunications, broadcasting and press law.
Successful participation in the scientific seminar 

Proof of IT skills and the completion of an internship in a relevant company or authority are also desirable.

Award of the certificate
The certificate is awarded at the end of each summer semester. It is not possible to confer the award before this date.
The certificate is awarded at a ceremony at which the student is expected to be present. If a student is unable to attend in time, the certificate can be sent by post at a later date upon separate written request.
The certificate attests to successful participation in the two final exams and the seminar; the individual grades of the participants are listed. The certificate is signed by the leaders of the additional training.