Weggeforscht: More data protection through Google Topics?

Google has been working on a successor to the discredited third-party cookies for some time [...]

Certificate award ceremony for additional training in intellectual property law on 23.2.24

On 23.2.24, the annual certificate ceremony for all graduates of the additional training in intellectual [...]

ITM Lunch Talk: The economic value of trade secrets

On 192, the ITM welcomed Mr. Hoang Long Bui to a virtual lunch talk, in [...]

Researched: Chat control

The European (EU) Commission’s proposal for a regulation “laying down rules to prevent and combat [...]

Female lawyers talk: new episode with Dr. Anne-Kristin Fricke from Munich Regional Court I

Dr. Anne-Kristin Fricke is our guest in the fifth episode of the interview podcast Juristinnen [...]


The following publication list contains the publications of Professor Dr. Thomas Hoeren.

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In addition to the lectures in the compulsory subject area of the intermediate examination, the ITM also offers its own specialization area and two additional courses.

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A number of employees work at the ITM. Some of the staff work at the chair itself and are primarily concerned with issues relating to course planning.

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ITM stands for Information, Telecommunications and Media Law. The legal field has a long tradition in Münster, starting in 1997 with the ITM Institute of the University of Münster. The institute was based in the Faculty of Law until it moved to the new premises on the Leonardo Campus. In civil law, Professor Dr. Thomas Hoeren has built up a broad network in computer science, art studies and economics in close cooperation with the private sector and other foreign research institutions. Since then, more than 150 researchers have been awarded doctorates; “ITMers” are now working in a variety of jobs in administration, business, the legal profession and even as university lecturers.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Hoeren

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