Podcast: Discrimination by algorithmic systems

This new podcast in the ITM series J!Cast deals with discrimination by algorithmic systems. Johannes Kevekordes (research assistant) of the BMBF-funded project GOAL (Governance of/ by Algorithms) is interviewed by Matthias Haag. The podcast gives an overview of the problems of discrimination by algorithms.

Further information on GOAL can be found on the GOAL website and on Twitter under @Goal_Project.

Library opened again

Die Bibliothek des ITM ist ab dem 20.07.2020 wieder geöffnet. Es gelten die gewöhnlichen Öffnungszeiten.

The library of the ITM will be open again from 20.07.2020. The usual opening hours apply.

Report from the GOAL-Summer School, 23-24 June 2020




On 23 and 24 June the Summer School organised by the GOAL project took place. Due to the special circumstances caused by the Corona crisis, it was held digitally. Both project-internal and external speakers discussed interesting issues related to the governance of algorithms. There were lectures and workshops from the fields of (socio-)computer science, law, ethics, economics and technology assessment.

Review: “Fighting Corona – a question of money and patents?”

Today (23.06.2020) at the ITM, journalist Niklas Schenck discussed with Oliver Lampe (Managing Director of the Intellectual Property Research Centre) in the webinar “Fighting Corona – a question of money and patents?” the effects of patent law on the research and development of drugs and other medical devices. In particular, the current coronavirus pandemic was discussed. More than 100 experts in intellectual property and pharmaceutical law (including from GRUR) took part in the event via Zoom and Youtube.

Member of German Parliament in the ITM lecture on copyright law

On 8 June, the deputy chairperson of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group, Gitta Connemann, gave a lecture on cultural policy, which was appreciated by all students, in the context of the lecture on copyright law given by Professor Dr. Thomas Hoeren. The inspiring lecture took place via zoom; in addition to the 80 students, numerous documentary filmmakers from all over Germany took part. Born in East Frisia, Connemann has been committed to the interests of artists in Germany for many years, including as chair of the Bundestag’s Enquete Commission on the Situation of Artists. In her lecture, she focused on the Commission’s much-noticed final report from 2007 and its impact on art. Ms. Connemann reported on the beginnings of the commission, its references to the art scene and the important focus at the time on copyright law and copyright perception law. She gave an exciting account of the grievances at GEMA at that time and of the heated discussions on the fee policy of public broadcasting. She dealt in detail with the position of the documentary film with the major broadcasting corporations and with film funding policy. She then outlined the current discussion in the Bundestag about an efficient Corona Cultural Package and praised the establishment of a focal area of cultural law for law studies. The video of the lecture can be seen here

Donation for the ITM

The ITM is pleased to receive a generous donation of books from attorney and notary Fritz R. Greis. After more than 40 years as a lawyer and notary public in Hamm and Münster, Mr. Greis closed his library and donated a large part of the books he had accumulated over decades to the ITM’s in-house library. Mr. Greis has also been a member of the University Society of the EMU for many years, which is why it was a matter of course for him to donate books to Münster institutes. Prof. Dr. Thomas Hoeren is particularly pleased about this for the many students, whose research possibilities in the library of the ITM are now even more comprehensive.

At this point, Prof. Dr. Hoeren and the entire ITM team would like to thank Mr. Greis once again for his generous donation!

Webinar: Unfair competition and corona

On 12.05.2020 at lunchtime an entertaining “Lunch Talk” between Prof. Dr. Thomas Hoeren and Dr. Reiner Münker on the subject of “Corona and the UWG” took place via livestream via Zoom and YouTube, in which well over 1200 interested people took part. Dr. Münker is the managing director of the competition headquarters and thus an expert in the field of competition law. The discussion focused in particular on the current working methods of the Competition headquarters and how to deal with infringements related to the Corona pandemic.

Dr. Münker reported on numerous cases in which the Corona pandemic has certainly been used for abusive advertising. In particular in the area of foodstuffs, food supplements or medicines, the special effect of products to combat the corona virus was emphasised, the extent of which has mostly not been scientifically proven. In the cases mentioned, it was therefore often a question of misleading the consumer, which is prohibited by the UWG, the Health Claims Regulation (HCVO), the Food Information Regulation (LMIV) or other more specific regulations. In addition, the interaction of the UWG with the emergency regulations of the individual countries, the particularities around the topic of tying offers and the handling of significantly increased prices were discussed.

In between, Dr. Münker repeatedly answered questions from the participants, who were able to ask them in the chat.

At the end of the chat, Prof. Dr. Hoeren thanked Dr. Münker once again, and the audience also liked the new format very much. Therefore, there will be further “Lunch Talks” organised by ITM in the future, which will take up a current topic in short lectures and discussions.

The event information on this will be published on the ITM homepage in good time.

A summary of the seminar can be found here.