> Podcast on armenian copyright law

In this new episode of the ITM Podcast, our research assistant Justin Rennert talks to Coco Aro about Armenian copyright law. Coco, a high school student from Münster, has been doing a student internship at the ITM for the past two weeks. He has Armenian roots and speaks the Armenian language. For this reason, he set himself the goal for his time at the ITM of comparing Armenian copyright law with German copyright law. The results of his extensive research and a short internship report can be found in the new episode of the ITM podcast. We say: Hats off to this achievement! This was a student internship on a very high level. A short summary of the podcast in Armenian can be found from minute 19:50 onwards. Coco plans to study law after his Abitur. The internship at ITM has confirmed his wish. We are looking forward to possibly welcoming Coco as a staff member at our institute in the not too distant future.