Jansen and music copyright

On January 19, 2023, guest researcher Gretchen Jansen presented the research focus of her dissertation to her research colleagues at ITM in a short, informative lecture.


Her central topic is the rights of performing artists in the music industry. Starting from the economic and historical origins of the protection of artist performances via the Performers’ Protection Act, Gretchen Jansen explained the challenges faced by South African legislators in this area. These include, on the one hand, the regulation of appropriate remuneration for artists, distinguishing between the on-air playing of tracks and their consumption in the online sphere. Online streaming in particular raises questions about a fair distribution of revenues and user fees. In a next step, this will lead to an examination of the collecting societies acting as intermediaries and the structures prevailing there. Gretchen Jansen brings these research results together and poses the final question as to whether the existing regulations and structures need to be changed in favor of a fair treatment of performing artists that are less well known. During her stay at the ITM, Gretchen Jansen will focus on the protection of performing artists in Germany, collecting societies such as the GEMA, as well as on EU legislation such as Art. 18 of the DSM Directive.