Information and updates on the “Best of ITM” seminar

As a seminar participant, you will find all updates, information and answers to frequently asked questions about the “Best of ITM” seminar on this page. Information on the scope of the written paper, expected presentation dates, planning of the outline discussions etc. will follow soon.


  • Update 10.07.2024 – Outline discussion

In the course of the seminar paper we offer you a discussion of the outline. In the course of this, we will go through the structure of your seminar paper with you, discuss the basic structure and “central theme” of the paper and clarify any open questions. Of course, we do not take on any tasks that are part of your service, so we cannot answer any specific content-related questions or provide you with precise specifications regarding the focus. Rather, it is a general check to see whether you are on the right track.

The timing of the outline discussion is up to you. However, it is advisable not to hold the interview just a few weeks before the submission. However, you should have already dealt with the topic in depth and created a detailed outline. Please contact in good time in advance with suggested dates.

In individual cases, several meetings are also possible depending on individual requirements.

  • Update 03.07.2024 – Doctoral thesis & lending

If the work you are looking at is not available online (you can find out by searching at ), you can consult a copy in our library (Leonardo Campus 9). This is a reference-only library. Unfortunately, an exception requested from the librarian was not granted, so that you would have to read the work on site and scan the relevant passages (an appropriate device is available in the library). If necessary, you can borrow a copy from the ULB to work from home.

  • Update 02.07.2024 – Formal requirements

The preparation of a legal seminar paper follows certain formal requirements. Even if certain general standards have been established here, many professors have their own preferences for the formal design.

For your seminar paper, please follow the
Notes on the formalities of legal examinations, term papers, seminar papers and dissertations
from the ITM.

For general tips and advice on preparing the written thesis, which are not covered in our notes, you can consult, for example, Die rechtswissenschaftliche Dissertation – Eine Anleitung von Diethelm Klippel (available from the university network or as an e-book via VPN).

If you need additional information, please write an e-mail to Mr. Merlin Rombach at