AND NOW? – Impulse lecture on art law for young artists from NRW

On 20.09.2023, Marie Wirtz (Art Law Clinic Münster) took part as a speaker in the exciting orientation event “UND JETZT?”, which was aimed at graduates of the art academies in NRW. The main aim of the seminar was to support up-and-coming creatives on their way to professionalizing their art practice.

Over the course of two days, young artists were able to expand their knowledge of studio and practice management, the realities of the highly competitive art market and galleries, social security options, the artists’ social security fund and tax law.

The keynote lecture of the Art Law Clinic Münster was dedicated to the basics of art law – an area of law that is characterized by its strong target group orientation and can hardly be narrowed down thematically. The focus was on copyright law, the exploitation of works via traditional and digital channels as well as the discussion of virulent problems for artists in the field of labor and data protection law.

The event opened up the space for honest questions, honest answers but also controversies on an equal footing – for example on the professionalism of contracts in the art world.

The organizers deserve great praise: The LaB K – Franziska Wilmsen and Susanne Ristow – the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf and the Kunstakademie Münster! Thank you for the enriching insights and the warmth and openness with which the Art Law Clinic Münster project was received.