Women lawyers tell their stories: the new interview podcast from the Research Center for Intellectual Property Law

The Research Center for Intellectual Property at the ITM has launched a new interview podcast. In order to get more young female lawyers interested in intellectual property law, we will be interviewing female IP lawyers about their careers in this podcast. Unfortunately, women working in this area of law are still underrepresented compared to their male colleagues. With the interviews, we want to cover as many different professional fields and areas as possible and will invite female judges, lawyers (from large law firms to small/own law firms), professors and in-house lawyers to our podcast. In addition, we naturally want to reach lawyers and interested parties of all genders and show them exciting career prospects.

Julia Dönch is our guest in the first episode of Juristinnen erzählen. Julia is a partner at CMS in Stuttgart and specializes primarily in intellectual property law. We talk about her studies, her day-to-day work as a lawyer and her role models, among other things.