Webinar Patent Law

On 04 May 2021 from 12:00 to 13:00, Mr Anton Frey will give a lecture on Zoom on the topic of “Abuse period in patent infringement proceedings”. He did his doctorate under Prof. Hoeren on this topic and has now been working as a legal trainee at the Berlin Court of Appeal since November 2020.

In his lecture, Mr Frey will present the legal institution of the period of limitation in patent infringement proceedings and, in doing so, shed light on the topic of his dissertation, in particular from a practical perspective. To this end, he will start by discussing the much-discussed case constellations of injunctive relief in complex products, in ambush situations and in the case of legitimate interests of third parties. In this context, Mr Frey would also like to deal with the government draft of a Second Act on the Simplification and Modernisation of Patent Law (RegE-2. PatModG), which focuses on a possible legal amendment of the patent law injunctive relief of Section 139 (1) PatG. Registration is possible until 28 April 2021 with Oliver Lampe by e-mail (o_lamp01@uni-muenster.de). Subsequently, the access data for Zoom will be sent out.