> Zhou Lin and Zhang Kaiye

On October 10, 2019 Prof. Zhou Lin, Executive Director of the Intellectual Property Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, presented his current findings and impressions of the Chinese social credit system at the invitation of Professor Hoeren. Prof. Zhou Lin gave the lecture during a visit to the ITM, with which he has long had scientific and friendly ties.

Prof. Zhou Lin followed up on his lecture of 8 April this year, in which he already explained the background of the social credit system. He informed today that there is a clear separation between public and private databases and that accordingly, contrary to many fears, there is no exchange of data. Prof. Zhou Lin was also able to report from his own experience in which situations a high social value had already been an advantage. For example, he was not expected to pay in advance for orders on the Internet.

The advantages and disadvantages of social credit systems were discussed together. The differences in the legal assessment of such systems in Germany and China were worked out. This led to a lively exchange of ideas, which provided all participants with valuable insights for their own research. The ITM would like to thank Prof. Zhou Lin for the wonderful cooperation.

Afterwards Mr. Zhang Kaiye introduced himself as a new guest doctoral student. Mr. Zhang Kaiye is a doctoral student at the School of Law of Tsinghua University, China, and will spend one year as a guest at ITM in the civil law department. His field of interest is Intellectual Property Law. He is particularly interested in technical protection measures and filter techniques. Therefore, he plans to work at ITM in particular on the EU Copyright Directive.

The ITM welcomes Mr. Zhang Kaiye and wishes him every success in his research.