Legal Research Center in the German Research Network

The constant development of technology in the online sector is accompanied by a constantly changing legal situation in many areas. Ambiguities arise in particular in the areas of telecommunications law, data protection law, liability law and copyright and trademark law. Research institutions, university computer centers and all other scientific institutions that use information and communication services on the basis of the German Research Network or act as service providers in the local area are particularly affected by this unclear legal situation. The project “Legal Issues in the German Research Network” is intended to support DFN-Verein and its members in all legal issues that arise in the operation of the German Research Network and the use of information and communication services. To this end, in close contact with computer center managers at universities and other DFN institutions, recommendations for action are drawn up for everyday problems, and unusual incidents are evaluated on a scientific basis and analyzed with regard to their practical impact on the German Research Network.