> Ministry of Justice NRW welcomes the new educational program ITM

The Ministry of Justice of the Land of North Rhine-Westphalia has issued a detailed statement to the Landtag on the closure of the ITM focal point in Münster. In a letter dated 28 March, it stated:

“The reason published on the internet for the closure of the Institute for Information, Telecommunications and Media Law at the Westphalian-Wilhelms University of Münster (ITM) is then probably not so much a direct consequence of the amendment of the Lawyers’ Training Act with regard to the focal area studies. Rather, the reason for the discontinuation of specialisation 3 (ITM) at the law faculty of the Westfälische-Wilhelms University of Münster seems to be the lack of a subsequent appointment of a professor from public media law by the law faculty. Incidentally, according to publications on the internet, additional training in the field of digitalisation is being strengthened, which is precisely what the amendments to the Lawyers’ Training Act are intended to do.”