Without claiming to be exhaustive, here are some useful links on the subject of commercial legal protection:

Offices, courts and authorities

Foreign national patent and trademark offices (selection)


Scientific and science-related institutions

Free research on the Internet

  • espacenet-Europe’s Network of Patent Databases (search in original-language patent applications (full texts) of all members of the European Patent Organization, the EPO, the WIPO (PCT applications) as well as English-language patent databases of numerous other countries; no claim to completeness and in some cases only taking into account applications of the last 24 months)
  • USPTO Web Patent Database (search in the patent documents of the US Patent and Trademark Office)
  • Delphion Intellectual Property Network (IPN) (search in worldwide patent information (including US applications and abstracts of Japanese applications) and the IBM Technical Disclosure Bulletin (TDB))
  • Intellectual Property Digital Library (search in WIPO databases: Madrid Express Database (internationally registered trademarks), PCT-Gazette and JOPAL (bibliographic references to publications in scientific and technical journals)
  • CTM-ONLINE (Trade mark search for Community trade marks (OHIM))