Lecture Legal Aspects of AI at Denkfabrik Digitales Münsterland




Yannik Borutta, Matthias Haag und Johannes Kevekordes from the research project GOAL (Governance of and by Algorithms) will give a lecture on 23.09 at the Denkfabrik Digitales Münsterland on legal issues related to artificial intelligence. The lecture will cover the particularities of intellectual property law as well as data protection and liability law. Within the GOAL project, Yannik, Matthias and Johannes deal with possibilities of regulating AI in different legal areas such as discrimination, patent and liability law.

The Denkfabrik is part of the overall project Enabling Networks Münsterland, which is a regional networking initiative that aims to establish networks between different regional actors and to organize their cooperation on a regional level. Representatives from companies, science and associations sit in the Denkfabrik and think together about the innovative use of AI technology in business and society. Special emphasis is placed on the potential that is offered to the Münsterland region through the use of AI.

Sign up for the lecture at https://www.eventbrite.de/e/denkfabrik-impuls-ki-und-recht-in-der-praxis-ein-uberblick-tickets-119998573965

More detailed information on the lecture at Denkfabrik Digitales Münsterland is available in German at: https://www.muensterland.com/wirtschaft/service/projekte/enabling/denkfabriken/denkfabrik-impulse/

More detailed information on the GOAL project is available at: https://goal-projekt.de/en

More detailed information on Enabling Networks Münsterland is available in German at: https://www.muensterland.com/wirtschaft/innovationen/enabling/