ITM welcomes the visiting professors Prof. Zhou Lin and Prof. Dr. Adrian Künzler

Since the beginning of the semester, the ITM has hosted the visiting professors Prof. Dr. Adrian Künzler (left) and Prof. Zhou Lin (right), whom we would like to welcome to the institute. Both will conduct research at the institute in the 2019 summer semester in order to promote international academic exchange.

Prof. Künzler is Assistant Professor of Commercial and Business Law at the University of Zurich and has also worked on the Information Society Project at Yale Law School. This semester, he will give a lecture on the regulation of the digital economy, which is offered to students in the focus area. In addition to the digitalization of the economy, his research also focuses on competition and intellectual property law.

Prof. Zhou Lin is the Executive Director of the Intellectual Property Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) in Beijing and one of the most important copyright experts in his country. The ITM has already welcomed him several times as a guest researcher. Prof. Zhou Lin deals with issues in the field of art law, among other things. In order to be able to examine and compare the different legal systems, he will enter into an intensive exchange with the researchers at the ITM and in particular the Art Law Clinic.

We are very much looking forward to our time together at the Institute and hope for a fruitful collaboration.