> The ITM seminar in Vienna

In cooperation with the Chair for Innovation and Digitalisation in Law headed by Prof. Dr. Forgó from the University of Vienna and under the direction of Prof. Dr. Thomas Hoeren (Institute for Information, Telecommunications and Media Law, University of Münster), the seminar “Comparison between German and Austrian Internet Law” took place on 9 and 10 June 2022.

As part of a pilot project, each German student was assigned an Austrian student to enable a comparative law exchange. The participants were invited to the impressive premises of the Presseclub Concordia in Vienna for their presentations. In their presentations, the students dealt with current legal issues in the field of internet law in a comparative law context. The topics dealt with included, for example, abuse supervision for digital corporations or questions about the digital estate as well as the effects of the new DSA and DMA. The exciting presentations were followed by stimulating discussions.

Valuable additions to the contributions were made by Dr Salomonowitz, who reported on practical experiences from the life of an intellectual property lawyer.

Prof. Hoeren and Prof. Forgó are pleased with the successful event and would like to thank Dr. Salamonowitz and all participants for the excellent seminar days in Vienna! Further cooperation with the University of Vienna is being planned.