> Seminar for PhD students in Canum

From 6 to 8 September 2019, the annual doctoral seminar of the ITM took place again. Under the supervision of Professor Dr. Thomas Hoeren, 20 PhD students and postgraduates from all over Germany met in Gemeindehaus in Canum/East Frisia. Mr. Hoeren gave a broad overview of the hermeneutical basics of doctoral studies, especially in the accentuation of metatheories and the search for an own preliminary understanding of the respective topic. Then Mr. Hoeren presented typical problems in writing a doctoral thesis, from grammar to literature research and the search for a suitable publisher.

Then intensive work was done on the respective topics. Each doctoral student presented his topic in detail; the research approach was discussed and tips were given for clarifying the meta question and the red thread of the thesis. The individual topics from the field of ITM were presented into the night, ranging from industrial property rights, copyright and unfair competition law to IT law and data protection law. The questions that arose were then deepened during walks, for example at the Pilsum lighthouse.

The seminar, which is offered every year for external doctoral students, fulfilled its goal: the doctoral students learned a lot about possibilities to improve their research approach and at the same time were able to join forces with new like-minded people per colleague.