Education in ITM only until summer term 2023

Unfortunately, we do not see ourselves in a position to continue teaching the ITM focus area in the long term. Instead, we will close the specialisation area 3/ITM after the transition period has expired.

On the one hand, the faculty has decided not to fill Mr Holznagel’s chair again with a successor who is versed in public media law. On the other hand, the new JAG leaves us too little leeway to adequately implement the special combination of research and teaching in the area of ITM in a priority area.

As a consolation, we can say that we will of course maintain the priority area for the transitional period (until the end of the summer semester 2023). Instead of the ITM focus area, we will strengthen the additional ITM training that has always been practised, for example through lectures and talks on AI and LegalTech. This will also make it possible for students in Münster to pursue existing interests in this research area during their studies.