> Dr. Nils Bortloff and Universal music

On 04.07.2022, Dr Nils Bortloff gave a lecture on the legal challenges in the music industry as part of the copyright lecture. He offered the students an insight into his work as Vice President Business & Legal Affairs at Universal Music Group (UMG).

First, Dr. Bortloff explained that the work of a label today goes far beyond the production of sound carriers. Rather, UMG is made up of many different departments that comprehensively take care of the marketing of the artists. Therefore, the work of the legal department is also very versatile. Dr. Bortloff then outlined the changes that the music industry has undergone within the past decades – often due to technical upheavals.

He then showed how the Universal Music Group is structured internationally and how legal distribution works in this network. He then outlined essential processes in the drafting of contracts between artists and UMG.

All in all, the lecture was able to give the students a very interesting insight behind the scenes of the industry.

We thank Dr. Bortloff for his visit!