[:de]Rechtsfragen algorithmischer Preisdiskriminierung

On Wednesday, 21 June 2023, Dr Felix Rützel gave a lecture on “Legal Issues of Algorithmic Price Discrimination” at the ITM (Münster).

Felix Rützel studied law at the University of Passau with a focus on information and communication law. Following his studies, he worked as a research assistant at the Chair of Public Law, European Law and Information Technology Law under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Meinhard Schröder. He was awarded his doctorate in 2022.

In his thesis, Felix Rützel examined the highly topical issue of algorithmic price discrimination from a legal perspective. In doing so, he pursues a cross-jurisdictional approach and, in addition to discrimination law, data protection law and antitrust law, also takes a look at fairness law, price indication law and civil law. Mr. Rützel’s work was awarded the promotional prize of the Münchner Fachanwaltstag IT-Recht e.V. 2022 and was published by Mohr Siebeck in Tübingen.

A recording of the very interesting lecture and the subsequent Q&A session is now available on YouTube.

The ITM would like to thank very much for that wonderful presentation.