Chancellor’s Forum of the DFN-Verein

On May 23rd and 24th, research assistants Nicolas John and Owen Mc Grath participated in the Chancellor’s Forum of the DFN-Verein. The program opened on Monday evening with a keynote speech on the  Nationale Forschungsdateninfrastrukur (NFDI) by Prof. York Sure-Vetter. During a joint dinner, there were lively discussions on the current topics of digitization of universities between university chancellors from all over Germany and the representatives of the DFN-Verein. On Tuesday, the topics of identity management at universities and security operations at DFN-Verein were highlighted by various presentations. After more detailed explanations on the new framework agreements for video conferencing software, Mr. Mc Grath and Mr. John, representing the Forschungstelle Recht im DFN, concluded with contributions on the legal classification of plagiarism software and the effects of the TTDSG on cookie banners. The Forschungsstelle Recht thanks for the invitation and the lively participation as well as the enriching exchange.