Anti-SLAPP Directive – The EU against strategic intimidation of journalists

In recent years, working conditions for journalists have deteriorated in many places around the world. There are obvious examples of this: China or Russia, where neutral, state-free reporting is practically impossible and the state systematically persecutes critical journalists. But also in the EU, the work of journalists is exposed to increasing risks.

One factor that considerably hinders them in their work are so-called SLAPP proceedings: Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation. In German, this could be translated as “Strategic Lawsuits Against Intimidation”. These are court cases that are brought with the sole aim of preventing unpopular reporting, without there being a legally tenable basis for the respective lawsuit or injunction application.

The EU Commission has now presented a draft “Anti-SLAPP Directive”. It wants to prevent such intimidation suits. In this episode, research assistants Justin Rennert and Johanna Voget present the draft directive and give an outlook on the further legislative process.

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