> 46. Legal Seminar of the Forschungsstelle Recht im DFN

On 13 and 14 June, the semi-annual general meeting of the DFN-Verein took place in Berlin. Research assistants Johanna Schaller and Nicolas John, representing the Forschungsstelle Recht im DFN, shed light on various legal issues during the following legal seminar. Nicolas John opened the legal seminar with his lecture on the new TTDSG and the omnipresent cookie banners on websites. He explored the question of whether the new regulations of the TTDSG will soon make cookie banners obsolete and whether the TTDSG can also cope with new tracking technologies. Johanna Schaller then first presented the new norms of civil law on digital content and how these can affect universities. Then, in another topic, she explained the functionality and basic legal principles of electronic signatures and discussed which signature is suitable for which applications. The discussions with the audience that accompanied the presentations showed that digitisation at universities and research institutions still raises many questions. The Forschungsstelle Recht would like to thank the participants for their lively interest and the enriching exchange.