> Foto exhibition starts in Vienna

“Beautiful Japan” – this is how 26-year-old Satoshi Uematsu dubbed his assassination attempt in Japan, with which he killed 19 people with disabilities. Years after this assassination, the name of the perpetrator is still known in Japan, but not that of the victims. In southern Japan, a cooperative has existed for years to address the contemptuous namelessness of people with disabilities in Japanese society. During my photo scholarship funded by the jPhoto exhibition in Vienna starts on 28.apanese government, I got to know and appreciate Muka (No Name), where people with disabilities paint, make music, design wooden objects, embroider, design computer designs – and are taken seriously as people with a name, their specific gifts and talents. This also resulted in a photo exhibition that was shown very successfully in various places in Japan – and is now on show in Europe for the first time. Prof. Dr. Thomas Hoeren is Director of the Institute for Media Law (ITM) at the University of Münster (Germany) and project photographer with exhibitions in Berlin, Frankfurt, Iceland and Japan, among others (https://www.itm.nrw/wp-content/uploads/Poster-Beautiful-Japan-Email-scaled.jpg