> Expert Talk of the GOAL project with Prof. Karen Yeung




In December the second project-internal GOAL Expert Talk took place with Prof. Karen Yeung. Prof. Yeung has been an Interdisciplinary Professorial Fellow at Birmingham Law School and Birmingham School of Computer Science since 2018. Previously, she was a professor at King’s College London from 2006 – 2017. Currently, Prof. Yeung is conducting research on regulation and transparency and risk assessment of algorithms. The conversation began with a presentation in which she discussed in detail the EU Commission’s new white paper on the regulation of algorithms. Afterwards, a lively discussion developed in which the individual problem areas of AI regulation could be worked out. In the end, however, Prof. Yeung and the project partners came to the conclusion that no completely convincing solutions existed for numerous problems at the present time and that further intensive, particularly interdisciplinary, research was required in order to be able to convincingly master the challenges posed by AI.