New exhibition: Urbancic in Dalvik starting 25/09/2020

Dr. Melitta Urbancic (1902-1984) was many things at once: poet, actress, scientist, sculptor, teacher and even beekeeper. Fleeing from the Nazis, she came to Iceland in 1938 with her husband Victor and their children – a tremendous decision for a poet and actress. She captured her impressions of the pain of being uprooted in poems; at the same time, her poems tell of the reconciliation with the new existence. Thus Melitta Urbancic visited Dalvik several times, a special place she loved. She had written several poems about Dalvik, which will be exhibited for the first time in the Gisli, Eirikur, Helgi, kaffihus Bakkabrædra, Grundargata 1, Dalvik 620 Iceland, together with photographs by German photographer Thomas Hoeren from Münster. The exhibition starts at Friday, 25. September 2020, at 4 o`clock pm.