EUNIS 2017 – Keynote

EUNIS 2017 - Keynote "Trust by Technology - al Legal Perspective"Nikolas Guggenberger delivered the keynote address “Trust by Technolgy – a Legal Perspective” at the annual conference of the European University information Systems Organization (EUNIS) on June 9, 2017. Nikolas discussed general sources of trust in society and their significance in law. Then he laid out how trust can be created by technology instead of by institutions or intermediaries. Nikolas specifically touched upon the potential and limits of Blockchain technology and their legal implications. Tensions can especially arise between the automation of law and individual justice. Theses tensions have to be addressed appropriately. Nikolas called for safeguarding fundamental legal principles and modernizing legal requirements in order to create trust by law.

Thank you very much for the invitation to this great conference.

(Deutsch) Abida auf der CeBIT

The project ABIDA (Assessing Big Data) presented its work at CeBIT in Hannover from March 20th until 24th. The Minister of Science and Culture of the State Lower Saxony, Mrs. Heinen-Kljajić, visited the exhibition area and was very interested in the presented BMBF-funded collaborative project. As an interdisciplinary research project, ABIDA endeavors to resolve the tension between the realization of innovation potentials on the one hand, and the protection of individual and social values on the other. After a stimulating exchange between politics and science, among others about challenges for education sector and effects on the labor world, the visit of the minister ended with a warm thank you from Prof. Forgó, head of the law working group of ABIDA.

Christian Döpke and Nicolai Culik, both researchers at ITM Münster, used their work at CeBIT also as a chance to present the previous results and further working steps giving a talk to a group of international researchers.