LIDC webinar with Ms. Held, attorney at law, on “Effective design protection in companies”

On October 6, 2020, attorney Hanna Karin Held gave a lecture on “Effective design protection in companies” at the invitation of the ITM (Münster) via Zoom. She had also invited the German Association for Competition Law and the LIDC. Ms. Held is a lawyer and specialist in intellectual property law who has been working in the field of intellectual property for almost 15 years and has a professional focus on European and international design law. She has worked as a lawyer in various law firms and legal departments of international companies.
In her one-hour lecture, Ms. Held emphasized the constantly growing importance of European design law for companies and therefore first of all explained the legal foundations of EU design law in the context of copyright law, unfair competition law and trademark law to the approximately 100 listeners. In the main part of the lecture, she then gave a comprehensive presentation of how the design process can be shaped in companies. The whole thing was illustrated by numerous example cases and a concluding quiz.
We would especially like to thank Ms. Held for the interesting lecture as well as the numerous participants who also diligently took part in the interactive surveys.
The next LIDC webinar is already planned: This will take place on 24.11.2020 with Prof. Dr. Peter Chrocziel on the topic FRAND

Presentation on AI and law at the Think Tank Digitales Münsterland




On September 23rd Yannik Borutta, Matthias Haag and Johannes Kevekordes from the research project GOAL (Governance of and through Algorithms) gave a lecture at the think tank “the Enabling Networks Digitales Münsterland” on practice-oriented legal questions related to the topic of artificial intelligence. They offered an overview of liability, data protection and intellectual property rights when using AI applications.

The three researchers from the Institute for Information, Telecommunications and Media Law of the WWU Münster deal with the possibilities of regulating AI in different legal areas just as well as discrimination, patent and liability law within the GOAL project. In this digital event, they provided all AI interested parties with detailed expert contributions, on the basis of which a discussion with the participants could then take place.

Video talk with German CEO of Zoom

In a web discussion with Professor Dr. Thomas Hoeren, Peer Stemmler, who is responsible for Germany at Zoom, reported on the numerous critical data protection inquiries made to the company. In the one-hour conversation, he explained how the company had to make a name for itself in the area of data protection, especially in Germany, and how it had made many efforts towards end-to-end encryption. The discussion also addressed the transparency of the US company. Mr. Hoeren emphasized the need for a clear information policy with regard to data security. It was also discussed whether and when Zoom would cooperate with US authorities. Finally, Mr. Hoeren reported on the legal information center for NRW universities that has been established in Münster for several months. Short excerpts from the interview were made available by Zoom for general viewing on YouTube.

Webinar on “Effective design protection in companies”

On 06.10.2020 at 12 o’clock a webinar (zoom) will again be organized by the Institute for Information, Telecommunication and Media Law (ITM) – civil law department, Prof. Dr. Thomas Hoeren. All interested parties can take part in the ca. one-hour seminar free of charge.

Lecture @ Digital Justice Conference 2020 by

“Digital Justice” were the keywords of a new format of the Münster student initiative The initiative hosted a virtual online conference on September 3rd and 4th – the “Digital Justice Conference 2020”. The ITM also been involved.

Over the course of two days, renowned representatives from the fields of justice, politics and science discussed in lectures and discussion panels the opportunities and hurdles of digital justice, private online dispute resolution and the use of AI in the field of justice.

Professor Thomas Hoeren from the ITM focused in a lecture on the “courtroom of the future”. The basis was the findings from the legal-architectural-interdisciplinary project which he led in the winter semester 2019/20. He also addressed recent developments in the debate, such as the thesis paper of the working group on the modernization of the ZPO of the presidents of the High Courts (OLG). In addition to Professor Hoeren, the conference was also attended for example by Professor Gisela Rühl (University of Jena), Professor Reinhard Gaier, former Justice at the Supreme Court, and Dr. Thomas Dickert, editor-in-chief of the aforementioned thesis paper.

The lecture of Prof. Hoeren can now also be viewed here.

If you want to learn more about the conference as a whole, it is a great idea to listen to this podcast (German).

Lecture Legal Aspects of AI at Denkfabrik Digitales Münsterland




Yannik Borutta, Matthias Haag und Johannes Kevekordes from the research project GOAL (Governance of and by Algorithms) will give a lecture on 23.09 at the Denkfabrik Digitales Münsterland on legal issues related to artificial intelligence. The lecture will cover the particularities of intellectual property law as well as data protection and liability law. Within the GOAL project, Yannik, Matthias and Johannes deal with possibilities of regulating AI in different legal areas such as discrimination, patent and liability law.

The Denkfabrik is part of the overall project Enabling Networks Münsterland, which is a regional networking initiative that aims to establish networks between different regional actors and to organize their cooperation on a regional level. Representatives from companies, science and associations sit in the Denkfabrik and think together about the innovative use of AI technology in business and society. Special emphasis is placed on the potential that is offered to the Münsterland region through the use of AI.

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More detailed information on the lecture at Denkfabrik Digitales Münsterland is available in German at:

More detailed information on the GOAL project is available at:

More detailed information on Enabling Networks Münsterland is available in German at:

Five-year participation in the Network of Centers

Today the ITM celebrated its five-year membership in the NoC (Network of Centers) with a small group in Münster. On behalf of the ITM we would like to thank all participants for their video presentations. We hope that in the future an exchange with the NoC members in person can take place again.

The NoC is an international association of academic institutions and is coordinated by the Berkman Klein Center (Harvard University). The participating institutions have outstanding expertise in their academic fields. Regular joint research and academic exchange through fellowships and events creates synergy effects between the respective centers of expertise. The ITM is an active member and contributes its extensive expertise, especially in German and European law.

German legal education/Webinar with Vienna

At the invitation of Professor Nikolaus Forgó of the University of Vienna, Professor Dr. Thomas Hoeren held a lecture event on German legal education. The seminar was part of an extensive seminar and lecture series at the University of Vienna under the motto “Ars boni”. The basic structure of the German legal education with first state exams and second practice-oriented state exams was presented. The main topics of discussion were the amount of study and the compulsion to have everything at hand in one examination date. The main focus of the training, such as the ITM in Münster, was rated very positively. Hoeren warned against the German habilitations and against too much euphoria for the German career path to professor. The seminar was attended by more than 300 participants from all over Europe. Here the video