Sammlung Bekanntmachungen

Presentation Efrén Díaz Díaz

Efrén Díaz Díaz, lawyer and Senior Associate with Bufete Mas y Calvet in Madrid, Spain, presented on the topic “Google vs. Spain case: from the new right to be forgotten to the new European legislation on data protection“. The attorney mandated in the case Google vs. Spain spoke on his experiences in the procedure and… Read more »

EUNIS 2017 – Keynote

Nikolas Guggenberger delivered the keynote address “Trust by Technolgy – a Legal Perspective” at the annual conference of the European University information Systems Organization (EUNIS) on June 9, 2017. Nikolas discussed general sources of trust in society and their significance in law. Then he laid out how trust can be created by technology instead of… Read more »

The EU Regulatory Approach to Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology and crypto-currencies are challenging legal systems in many ways. The European Union is working on a regulatory approach to new technologies which are significantly impacting the financial sector. Nikolas Guggenberger presented on “The EU Regulatory Approach to Blockchain Technology” at the University of Luxembourg on 31 January 2017. His presentation covered the steps… Read more »