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Podcast on TDPF

In this short episode of the ITM Podcast, research assistants Malin Fischer, Owen Mc Grath and Nicolas John talk about the planned Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework. The EU Commission and the US government have recently agreed on the basics of such a new data protection framework. With this framework, data transfers from EU countries to… Read more »

Markus Bertling died

As I just learned from the university newspaper, a good friend of the ITM, Dr Markus Bertling, passed away on 13 February. Mr Bertling, born in 1959, was the director of the Palaeontological Museum of the WWU. I am connected with Markus by many years of cooperation in the Senate Committee for Art and Culture… Read more »

Ministry of Justice NRW welcomes the new educational program ITM

The Ministry of Justice of the Land of North Rhine-Westphalia has issued a detailed statement to the Landtag on the closure of the ITM focal point in Münster. In a letter dated 28 March, it stated: “The reason published on the internet for the closure of the Institute for Information, Telecommunications and Media Law at… Read more »

Education in ITM only until summer term 2023

Unfortunately, we do not see ourselves in a position to continue teaching the ITM focus area in the long term. Instead, we will close the specialisation area 3/ITM after the transition period has expired. On the one hand, the faculty has decided not to fill Mr Holznagel’s chair again with a successor who is versed… Read more »

Art law clinic South Africa

Within the framework of a joint project of law students at Stellenbosch University and the civil law department of the Institute for Information, Telecommunications and Media Law at the WWU Münster, great things have been achieved in the past few weeks. With the creation of a comprehensive guide for artists, which provides answers to the… Read more »

New teaching program on ITM

It was an experiment: the new nationwide additional training on information and media law at the ITM/University of Münster. Free of charge, students and practitioners from all over Germany were able to attend the two courses on information law and media law by Professor Dr Thomas Hoeren and Professor Dr Bernd Holznagel. And even at… Read more »

Data protection in Austria

Mr Lukas Moormann (Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration) gave a highly regarded lecture to the ITM on data protection in Austria on Monday, 7 February 2022. In front of the broad audience, he explained the constitutional foundations up to the ECHR. Then he described the legal process in matters of data protection, especially… Read more »