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Expert talk on AI&Law

On 28 July 2021, Prof. Dr. Dr. Frauke Rostalski gave a lecture on the use of new technologies in the determination of law, which was attended by the project partners of the GOAL project and many other interested ITM staff members. Prof. Rostalski holds the Chair of Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure Law, Philosophy of Law… Read more »

Leonardo Campus Run

It has almost become a tradition that the ITM’s scientific staff and student assistants take part in the Leonardo Campus Run. On 23.06.2021 it was that time again: The team “ITM-Runners” went to the start with 25 runners who ran a total of 182.5 km. Due to the pandemic, there was no official running route…. Read more »

Music copyright and exhaustion doctrine

On 21 June 2021, Mr. Christlieb Klages from Berlin and Mr. Thomas Blickwedel from Münster each gave an exciting lecture as part of Professor Dr. Thomas Hoeren’s lecture on copyright law. For the first three quarters of an hour, Christlieb Klages presented the current problems in music and film law and dealt with film production… Read more »

Nestor of the ITM Hans Kiefner died

On 15 June 2021, the doyen and grand seigneur of the ITM, Professor Dr Hans Kiefner, unfortunately passed away after a serious illness. Professor Kiefner headed the Institute for Canon Law at the University of Münster for decades, where I worked as an assistant and researcher. I owe my academic training to Mr Kiefner, who… Read more »

Webinar Frey “The reform of injunctive relief in patent law”

On Tuesday, 4 May 2021, doctoral student Anton Frey gave a digital lecture on “The reform of injunctive relief in patent law” in front of more than 100 experts. According to Frey, the injunctive relief entails various consequential problems in view of the lack of a proportionality requirement as a prerequisite for the claim, which… Read more »

Two lectures in copyright law

On Monday, 21 June 2021, at 2:00 p.m., two specialist lectures on copyright law will take place in the lecture Copyright Law with Professor Dr. Thomas Hoeren. First, Mr Christlieb Klages (Berlin) will give a lecture on current problems in music and film law. Then Mr. Thomas Blickwedel (Münster) will briefly present his doctoral project… Read more »

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Guggenberger and US Copyright law

On Monday, July 12, 2021, at 2 p.m., Professor Dr. Nikolas Guggenberger, LL.M. will give a lecture/webinar on recent developments in U.S. copyright law. Prof. Guggenberger is Executive Director of the Information Society Project, Clinical Lecturer, and Research Scholar at Yale Law School. He conducts research in the areas of the intersection of law and… Read more »