> The legal information point in the online national portal

In preparation of the online state portal, a survey was conducted among the DH.NRW universities to determine whether and, if so, where there is a need for support in the field of e-learning. The clear result: Almost all DH.NRW universities wanted supportive expertise on legal issues associated with digital teaching and learning. As a consequence, a legal information centre will be integrated into the emerging online state portal, which will be realised by the Institute for Information, Telecommunications and Media Law at the Westphalian Wilhelms University of Münster.

Teachers and students of the DH.NRW universities can direct their legal questions directly to the legal information point and receive appropriate information. At the same time, the Legal Information Office is also accessible to local counselling facilities of the universities in the sense of a competence centre, e.g. for legal questions of employees from e-learning support facilities, libraries and computer centres of the DH.NRW universities as well as for persons from DH.NRW-funded projects.

Thematic focuses – in each case in the context of digital teaching and learning – are in particular

  • Copyright (e.g. cc-licenses, plagiarism software)
  • Data protection law (e.g. in connection with evaluations, LMS, CMS)
  • Personality and trademark law
  • Internet and media law
  • examination law (in particular with regard to e-examinations).

We provide comprehensive information on these questions and, on request, give our assessment of individual questions. In addition, information events, training courses and webinars on selected legal topics are planned for the future. You can keep up to date on all activities via our newsletter (information on registration can be found under the following link: https://www.listserv.dfn.de/sympa/info/rechtsinformationsstelle).

Currently, the Legal Information Office serves to support the DH.NRW universities in online teaching, especially in connection with the effects of the corona virus. After the launch of the online portal for studies and teaching, the information office will be located at the same.